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ICV Certification in Qatar (In-Country Value program)

ICV Certification for Energy Sector Suppliers in Qatar


ICV (In-Country Value) certification is a crucial process for suppliers and contractors in Qatar's energy sector. It aims to verify the accuracy of ICV scores provided by suppliers, ensuring they align with a defined methodology. Independent ICV certifiers play a vital role in this certification process.


What is ICV Certification?


ICV certification confirms the legitimacy of suppliers' ICV scores, making sure they are evidence-based and calculated in accordance with the prescribed methodology. Tawteen, the driving force behind ICV certification, collaborates with independent certification bodies to validate supplier information.


Tawteen's ICV Program:


Tawteen has initiated the ICV program to promote localization within the support services industries of Qatar's energy sector. ICV measures the local content contribution of suppliers and contractors, and all Tawteen Partner Company suppliers are encouraged to declare their ICV scores annually.


Impact on Energy Sector Suppliers:


All organizations supplying goods or services to the energy sector, directly or indirectly, must submit an ICV Scorecard with their tender submissions. ICV certification ensures fairness and transparency in assessing suppliers' contributions to Qatar's economy, ultimately fostering a sustainable energy sector.


Calculating the ICV Score:


The ICV score is determined by evaluating the economic value added within Qatar through various factors, including:

  • Spending on local goods and materials

  • Spending on local services and white-collar workforce salaries

  • Costs related to training

  • Expenses for supplier training and ICV certification programs

  • Depreciation of company assets in Qatar

Tawteen ICV certifiers Qatar
ICV Certification Qatar
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