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Getting ICV (In-Country Value) Certified

In Qatar, Tawteen has introduced an In-Country Value (ICV) program as part of its initiative to localize support services in the energy sector. This program evaluates the local content contribution of suppliers and contractors, serving as a crucial component of Tawteen's efforts. Suppliers associated with Tawteen Partner Companies are encouraged to disclose their ICV score from the previous financial year. This score, demonstrating their contribution to ICV, must be certified annually by Tawteen-approved ICV certifiers such as Samer Hasan & Partners.

For suppliers in the energy sector, whether they provide goods or services directly or indirectly through intermediaries, the ICV certification holds significant importance. In tender submissions, these organizations are required to present an ICV Scorecard. This certification process, carried out by independent pre-approved ICV certifiers in Qatar, ensures the accuracy of suppliers' ICV scores. By certifying the legitimacy of the information provided, ICV certification guarantees that suppliers' contributions to Qatar's economy are accurately represented.

The ICV score is determined by evaluating the economic value added within Qatar due to the goods or services provided by the company. This evaluation follows a predefined methodology and considers various factors, including:

  • Expenditure on local goods and materials,

  • Spending on local services and White-collar workforce salaries

  • Training costs

  • Depreciation of company assets in Qatar

Through this standardized evaluation process, the ICV certification promotes fairness and transparency, fostering a sustainable energy sector in Qatar.

To obtain ICV certification in Qatar, follow these steps:

  1. Register on ICV Digital Portal: Begin by registering on the ICV digital portal of Tawteen. This online platform serves as the central hub for ICV certification processes.

  2. Choose an Authorized ICV Certifier: Select an ICV Certifier who has been pre-approved and authorized by Tawteen. This certifier will guide you through the certification process and validate your ICV Scorecard.

  3. Complete the ICV Scorecard: Fill out the ICV Scorecard accurately, detailing your contributions and expenditures related to the predefined ICV parameters. This document is essential in demonstrating your local content contribution.

  4. Submit Scorecard to ICV Certifier: Deliver the completed ICV Scorecard to the chosen ICV Certifier. Ensure that all relevant information and supporting documents are included for validation.

  5. Validation Process: The ICV Certifier will use the provided documentation to validate the ICV Scorecard. This involves verifying the accuracy and legitimacy of the information you have provided.

  6. Factual Finding Report (FFR) and Certification: Upon validation, the ICV Certifier will generate a Factual Finding Report (FFR). Based on the FFR and the validated ICV Scorecard, both the ICV Certifier and the supplier will sign the provided ICV Scorecard Certificate.

By following these steps and working closely with Samer Hasan & Partners an authorized ICV Certifier, you can successfully obtain ICV certification in Qatar. This certification demonstrates your commitment to local contribution, aligning with Tawteen's objectives in promoting the growth of Qatar's economy.

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